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About Municipal Elections

The Supervisor of Elections offers to all municipalities in Madison County the assistance of this office for municipal elections. Although, by Florida Statute, the City Clerk is the elections official, this office is willing to perform all election related tasks with the exception of candidate qualifying for each city. Ballot layout and preparation, absentee balloting, pollworker training, and ballot tabulation are just a few of the services provided.

Persons who would seek to qualify for election in a municipality must contact the city clerk for their respective municipality.

Each municipality has its own charter which governs the requirements for becoming a candidate. Prospective candidates should consult with their respective city clerk well in advance of the qualifying dates to learn about those requirements.


City of Madison

City Hall, City of Madison
321 SW Rutledge Street
Madison, Florida 32340

Town of Greenville

Town Hall, Town Of Greenville
154 SW Old Mission Avenue
Greenville, FL 32331

Town of Lee

City Hall, Town of Lee
286 NE CR 255
Lee Fl. 32059
Fax: 850-971-0092

239 SW Pinckney St Madison, FL 32340 | PHONE: (850) 973-6507

EMAIL: | HOURS: M-F 8am - 5pm

Heath Driggers, Supervisor of Elections
Madison County, Florida

ADDRESS: 239 SW Pinckney St, Madison, FL 32340  |  HOURS: M-F 8am - 5pm

PHONE: (850) 973-6507  |  EMAIL: