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Thomas “Tommy” Hardee, Your Supervisor of Elections


  • Lifelong resident of Madison County
  • Appointed Supervisor of Elections by Governor Rick Scott on December 8, 2011
  • In November 2012 was elected to serve as Supervisor of Elections for a four year term
  • Married to Kaila
  • One Son
  • Independent insurance agent from 2004-2011


Community Involvement...

  • Member  Madison First United Methodist Church
  • Board of Directors, Education Chair and Budget Vice Chair for Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections
  • Gideon
  • Masonic Lodge
  • Madison Fire Rescue Vol


Accomplishments since taking office...

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Certified
  • Implemented the "Vote in Honor of a Vet" program for Madison County
  • Implemented electronic poll books to enhance the voting process
  • Moved to new location that offer more security for the election process


Responsibilities of a Supervisor:

Florida Statutes mandates the duties and responsibilities of the Supervisor of Elections. As an elected Florida constitutional officer, the Madison County Supervisor of Elections must follow all state and federal election laws. The Supervisor of Elections office is responsible for much more than the actual election day logistics and management. To keep you informed below is a list of a few of those duties:

Voter Registration:

  • Register potential voters
  • Issue voter information cards



  • Administer all Federal, State, District and County elections
  • Administer Municipal elections when requested and contracted with by the City of Madison, Greenville, and Lee
  • Serve as qualifying officer for county offices
  • Assist candidates with campaign finance reports and financial disclosures along with the many other forms pertaining to a candidate and their candidacy
  • Maintain all election equipment
  • Employ and train all poll workers (Madison County currently has a pool of approximately 58 poll workers)
  • Provide information and statistics on voter registration, vote history and archived elections
  • Assist those voters who are residents of the Nursing Home as well as those voters who might be hospitalized on election day
  • Serve as a member of the Madison County Canvassing Board
  • Certify election results to the Department of State
  • Administer absentee ballots (as mandated by Florida Statutes)
  • Secure adequate polling locations
  • Verify signatures for initiative petitions and candidate qualifying petitions

Record Management:

  • Administration of voter registration lists
  • List maintenance (as mandated by state and federal laws)
  • Public record requests(with restrictions as outlined in Florida Statutes)
  • Storage and  maintenance of records
  • Archive, retention and destruction of records


Voter Education:

  • General voter information
  • Assist with community sponsored activities by providing voter education  
  • Publications such as the Madison County Voter's Guide, Why should I Vote, Vote In Honor of a Vet and Are You Thinking About Running for Office
  • Voter registration drive at the local high school
  • Petition verification and certification process
  • Candidate assistance, (county, district, state and federal)
  • Constitutional amendments and county issues
  • Research and preparation of qualifying packets
  • Assist with various forms distributed by the Supervisor of Elections and the Division of Elections
  • Pre-filing, qualifying and certifying candidates
  • Campaign report management and review
  • Participate in educating all ages of students on the importance of voting (Pre K through 12th grade)
  • Assist in Civil Right Restoration

Security Procedures:

  • Update and maintain Security Procedures in compliance with Rule IS-2.015
  • Assist Political Parties, PAC's and Committees of Continuous Existence
  • Update all poll worker manuals to assist poll workers in the election laws and rules implemented by the State and to ensure that all equipment is secure and procedures are in place so that all elections are conducted to the highest standard possible
  • Update all forms as changes are made by the State


The Supervisor of Elections is also responsible for election related activities such as:

  • Lay-out and programming of voting equipment
  • Repair and maintenance of all election equipment
  • Providing adequate polling sites
  • Providing statistical information on voters, voting rights and responsibilities and all areas pertaining to elections


The Supervisor of Elections is also:

  • Filing officer for financial disclosures (Form 1) reports from elected and appointed officials
  • Serves as the local contact with the Commission on Ethics